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Engineering and data science typically follow very different workflows. Engineering works in structured sprints and releases. Data science follows more of an exploratory path. These two sides must come together in the deployment and maintenance of application models.

Justin will talk about the hybrid approach they use at Instnt to facilitate close collaboration between the two teams while allowing each to adhere to their natural rhythm.

Justin Kamerman is Chief Product Officer at Instnt, a public benefit corporation on a mission to bring inclusion and instant account opening experiences to businesses and their customers.

StackUp Talks are an opportunity for leaders at startups to show off what they do and how they do it -- from an engineering, design, marketing, or sales perspective. This series is a peer sharing community where the audience is other professionals working in the same field. From project learnings to best practices to tip and tricks, it's an opportunity to gain an inside look into the tools startups use to tell their stories and build their businesses.

Justin Kamerman
Chief Product Officer