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I'm generally interested in getting to know the following:

  • Technology entrepreneurs in the New York City area who have yet to raise $750,000 in across *previous* rounds of financing.
  • Angel investors and early stage funds interested in co-investment partners.
  • Innovation community leaders and builders--like those who run labs, accelerators, and various other types of entrepreneurship programs in both the private and public sector.

You will get honest, direct feedback on any opportunities presented to Brooklyn Bridge Ventures. 


I want to be as accessible as possible, but I can't take every meeting.

If you ask for a meeting, and I don't get to the request, that does not give you permission to show up at any address you may find for me or the company. That's creepy. It doesn't show "hustle." It just shows utter lack of awareness of the dynamics around personal safety and private space.

For General Inquiries