Entrepreneurs are welcome to e-mail Charlie O'Donnell at charlie@brooklynbridge.vc with "Pitch" in the subject, or they can apply for time to meet using the scheduling app located here.  You should include a description of the project, its current product and fundraising status, as well as why the team is suited to handle such an endeavor.  Please, New York City companies only.  

Generally, all *relevant* pitches (In NYC, hasn't raised $750k previously...) are responded to and are reviewed on a first in, first out basis. 

If Charlie is interested in learning more, he'll reach out with questions or a request for a meeting, but never a phone call.  He generally only talks to his family on the phone and generally wishes they would stick to texting.  Please do not desperately offer up a 10 minute meeting because you're sure that's all you need to convince him.  You should only meet with investors enthusiastic enough to give you a full meeting.  NDAs will not be signed.

Investment decisions can be made quickly (within 2-3 meetings).  Brooklyn Bridge Ventures enthusiastically prefers to lead deals, but is open to working with other active firms.  Check sizes of $300-400k will be considered in rounds of at least $500k.    

Brooklyn Bridge Ventures invests out of a series of funds with a diverse group of limited partners, both individuals, family offices, and institutions.  The current fund started in February 2016.  

Agreement around a term sheet represents a commitment to invest, pending reasonable legal due diligence.