Petal is a simple, no-fee credit card that doesn't require a credit score. Petal uses the latest method in machine learning to analyze a consumer's full digital financial record, rather than just their credit score, which allows Petal to provide more credit, lower interest rates, and no fees whatsoever, even to consumers who have never used credit in the past. The Petal digital product incorporates behavioral science and smart, intuitive design to bring transparency and simplicity to the experience of owning and using a credit card.


Founded:  2016


Jason Gross, Co-Founder

Andrew Endicott, Co-Founder

David Ehrich, Co-Founder

Jack Arenas, Co-Founder

BBV Investment Date: December 2016

Co-Investors: Rosecliff Ventures,, Guild Capital, Great Oaks Venture Capital, Story Ventures, and Silicon Badia