April #StackUp Talks

On April 14th at Neo, lead developers from CasperFunderaDrip.fmGreenhouse and Bowery shared their software development work with Ruby and Go. Thanks to our presenters Eli Bosworth, Rohan Deshpande, Thor Kell, Mike O'Neil and Steve Kaliski. Click here to see their decks and to find out about future #stackuptalks!

March #StackUpTalks

On March 10th at Stack Exchange, lead developers from Shareablee,  Clubhouse, The Mid and SoundCloud shared their software development work with Node.js, Scala, Docker and Clojure. Thanks to our presenters Alex Kehayias, Kurt Schrader, Edwin Fuquen and Brian Guthrie. Click here to see their decks and to find out about future #stackuptalks!

February #StackUpTalks

On February 3 at Stack Exchange, lead designers from Betterment, Electric Objects, Tattly and Tinybop shared their latest design and brand achievements. Thanks so much to presenters Ken Yang & Kat Lim, Luke Chamberlin, Kate Matsumoto and Melissa Jun. Click here to see past presenters decks and to get more information about #stackuptalks!